All the data you need, where you need it, in real time.

We develop web crawlers to provide APIs on websites that doesn't have APIs.

Over 20 Billion

data querys delivered to our costumers

What Crawly can do for your business


Real-time data


GDPR/LGPD compliant


Data Lists


Verifiable data

Ilustração site de e-commerce


  • Product Prices
  • SKU lists
  • Seller Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Product structured data

Vehicle Data

  • Real-time document information
  • Infractions
  • Restrictions
  • Vehicle information
Ilustração site de consulta de dados veiculares
Ilustração site de imóveis

Real Estate Data

  • Real Estate Prices
  • Geolocation
  • Points of Interest
  • Socioeconomic Information
  • Structured Ads information

Government Websites Data

  • Justice Courts
  • Receita Federal
  • Municipalities
  • Government Organs/Agencies
Ilustração captura de dados públicos

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Above are just a few use cases of our technology. Get in touch and let's find out together how our robots can leverage your business intelligence strategy.

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Custom Web Crawlers and Web Scrapers

how it works

Our technology allows you to access any public data, in a structured way, in large scale and in real time.

Example: Our robot can collect unstructured data from an airline website and deliver it to you in a structured .JSON file.


That allows you to scale your data analysis to the highest levels, with no need to grow your operation at the same proportion.



We customize our robots to your business exact needs and objectives, to search and deliver large amounts of relevant, up-to-date and trustworthy data.


Demand Analysis

We get from you:

  • Data sources
  • Project Scope
  • Delivery format

Data Sources Studies

Project's challenges analysis, such as:

  • Captchas
  • WAFs
  • Proxies
  • Others

Result Reports

  • Final project scope
  • Data sources studies presentation

Robot Customization

Robot setup for targeting relevant data for your strategies.


Data Delivery

The way you need it to be:

  • API
  • CSV
  • PowerBi
  • Databases
  • Tableau or others

Safety, GDPR/LGPD and Support

  • Internal safety Protocols
  • GDPR/LGPD Compliant
  • Possibility of 24/7 and SLA on contract

We don't fetch data from social media


We don't program client's business rules


We don't hack any website

All the information needed to make strategic decisions in your hands.

Success Cases

Rodamos mais de 1 bilhão de operações por mês

"A Crawly é a empresa com maior expertise em crawlers do Brasil e tem uma seriedade incrível. Por isso, confiamos nela para, juntos, prestarmos um melhor serviço aos nossos clientes."

Max Oliveira, CEO da MaxMilhas
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Dados de até 300 mil imóveis em apenas um dia

A I.A. da Crawly captura dados sobre precificação, metragem e regiões de maior interesse, em diversas bairros ou cidades no Brasil. A partir daí, cruza os dados com indicadores como IBGE, para gerar informações sobre concentração de moradores, faixa de renda e outras informações.

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