Smart bots finding and analyzing data

We create custom robots to automate the collection and analysis of data so that you can focus on the most important for your business.

No one should base their business on incomplete, erroneous or obsolete information.

How we use smart bots to help your business


Identifying your needs

Price collection • Fraud analysis • Certificate collection • Legal proceedings • Compliance • News • Services • RPA

And whatever else you need


Creating smart bots, personalized for the information you seek

Crawlers • Data mining • Scraping


Relating and analyzing the data generated

Machine Learning • Big Data • Data Lake • Master data management • Artificial Intelligence


Delivering trustworthy results in the shapes and formats you need

Business intelligence • Data

Smart bots are better at finding data

What about your company? How many opportunities are being lost? How many wrong decisions have already been taken from incomplete or obsolete information? How much time is wasted in manual processes?

We run more than 1 billion of requests for MaxMilhas per month. That's about 1,400,000 in just 1 hour!

Crawly is the company with the greatest expertise in crawlers in Brazil and has incredible professionalism. That's why we trust them to help us provide better service to our customers, together.
Max, Founder

Others who trust Crawly

Creditas had a 50% reduction in backoffice work.

  • Data capture at the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service
  • Search for certificates in specific courts

Cemig now makes decisions with confidence because it is sure of the data's quality.

  • Data capture
  • Search for specific news

VLI has information in seconds for the supply and compliance team.

  • Compliance analysis to detect nonconformities

data points delivered

Our terms

  • Integration with your workflow and systems
  • Full support 24/7
  • Any type of data
  • Any amount of data
  • We do not collect data for spam
  • We don't hack anything
  • We don't scrape social networks


We adapt to your compliance and security needs and work with end-to-end encryption on all projects.

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